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For us here at FSU CARD, fall is roaring past in flashes of orange, red, and yellow. As always, there are a number of exciting activities, trainings and opportunities for you and your family in this month’s newsletter:

  • We are very excited about the grand opening of the Venvi Art Gallery on November 7th from 6:00 – 9:00 PM (EST) in Tallahassee. The Gallery has donated an original work of art to be auctioned off to raise funds for the FSU Autism Institute. The bidding will begin Tuesday, November 3rd and run through the grand opening on November 7th. The Gallery is donating 100% of the highest bid! In addition to the silent auction, 25% of all sales during opening week will be donated. As an added bonus, several of the winning works of art from FSU CARD’s 2013 and 2014 Artists and Autism exhibitions will be on display during the Gallery’s grand opening week. For more information about this event, visit our website at and click “Trainings and Events.”
  • FSU CARD is seeking applicants for new members of our Constituency Board. The Constituency Board meets with CARD staff quarterly to provide guidance on policy, priorities, and activities. We are particularly interested in family members and clients from the western end of the Panhandle that are interested in serving on CARD’s constituency board. Access our board application at:

Finally, a great way to get information from FSU CARD is via our Facebook page! Please “like” our page at FSU Center for Autism and Related Disabilities ( to get frequent updates.


Lindee Morgan, PhD
Director, FSU Center for Autism and Related Disabilities

Making Sense of Middle School – Tips and Tools

Three Tips for Improving Organization

Keeping materials neat and organized often proves challenging for students on the autism spectrum. Here are some very easy-to-use ideas that will help keep students on track.

  1. Neatly label everything. Making the notebook and folder for classes the same color will also help with being able to distinguish what needs to be kept together.
  2. Ask for extra set of textbooks for home and store them in the designated area where homework is completed each day.
  3. Use technology (per the school’s policy). A smartphone can be used:
    • to take pictures of assignments rather than write them down,
    • as a planner to keep track of a schedule,
    • to text yourself lists of what you need to do, and
    • to submit assignments through Google Docs or Dropbox.

For more great tips, please see this article from Psychology Today.

The Teal Pumpkin Project for an Allergy-Friendly Halloween

This Halloween, FARE is encouraging food allergy families to start a new tradition: painting a pumpkin teal and placing it on your porch as a sign to other families managing food allergies that you have non-food treats available at your home. Your teal pumpkin is also a way to raise awareness in your neighborhood about food allergies!

Purchasing inexpensive non-food treats to hand out is a great way to include all children in trick-or-treating, and we hope that the Teal Pumpkin Project will be a tradition for years to come. Read More>>


Nutrition Spotlight

Is your preschooler refusing to eat anything other than chicken nuggets? Or would your toddler rather play than eat anything at all?

If children’s nutrition is a sore topic in your household, you’re not alone. Many parents worry about what their children eat – and don’t eat. However, most kids get plenty of variety and nutrition in their diets over the course of a week. Until your child’s food preferences mature, consider these tips for preventing mealtime battles.


CARD Training Information

Book Club-Oct

Join Our FSU CARD Book Club

Meets second Tuesday of each month from 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM
Tallahassee, FL

Overview of Aut Spec and Basic Supp

Overview of Autism Spectrum and Basic Supports – (TLH)
Tallahassee, FL
November 5 & December 3, 2015**

The training includes information on the basic characteristics of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

**Due to popular demand, this training is being repeated on three different dates, please choose one. Learn More >>.

SaveTheDate - 20165K

2016 Autism Superhero 5K

More information coming soon!
April 9, 2016


ASD & the Holidays – (TLH)
Tallahassee, FL
November 4, 2015

The training includes information about:

Holiday tips to reduce stress and have fun during the holidays. Learn More >>.

Venvi Art Flyer

Venvi Art Gallery – (TLH)
Grand Opening Benefiting the FSU Autism Institute
Tallahassee, FL

November 7, 2015 from 6:00 – 9:00 PM (EST)
Learn More >>


Using the SCERTS Model Framework to Guide Priorities for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder – (TLH)
Tallahassee, FL

December 14-15, 2015

The training includes information about:

This training will be aimed at educators but will be appropriate for family members to attend as well. Be on the lookout for registration information and check out the save the date flier in this newsletter for more information.

Learn More >>

Community Training Information

FSU College of Education is offering:

University Of Miami, Department of Psychology Research Study:

Do you have a child with autism? Would you and our partner be willing to participate in a research study? Learn More >>

Sensorimotor & Social Communication Skills:

Using a neuro-physiological approach, the “PLAYBIG Method” of big movement, sensation, emotion, & affect engages children in social play and learning; unlocking their individual potential for connecting with others. Register now – Limited spots Learn More >>

Special Needs Registry for Emergency Management

The Florida Division of Emergency Management, in coordination with each local emergency management agency in the state, developed a registry to allow residents with special needs to register with their local emergency management agency to receive assistance during a disaster. The registry also allows facilities that provide assistance to individuals with special needs a system to register. The statewide registry provides first responders with valuable information to prepare for disasters or other emergencies.

Click here to register >>

In the News

Kindergarten teacher reading to children in library
(Great article from Autism Speaks)

Is your child with autism ready to start school?

The transition back to school can be a challenging experience at times for our families. What are some of the biggest obstacles you’ve seen families face when the first day of school arrives?

I would say the biggest obstacles are two fold: First is trusting that your children will be fine on their first day. The nervous energy that accompanies any big milestone like the first day or new school can create anxiety in parents. Do things to help you stay positive and calm because it will reflect on your children. They are often very attuned to parents’ behavior and will take their lead from what you say and do…so stay positive even if you have reasons to worry.  >> Read More